Best Online Bingo Game: Bingo Clash by Pocket7Games

Bingo Clash by Pocket7Games

Bingo is possibly one of the most popular games around and loved by people of all ages. I remember the excitement of the Bingo hall, tables lined with men and women from one end of the room to the other. Each surrounded by a network of multi-colored ink daubers and a stack of Bingo cards for the different games. Today, however, you can enjoy Bingo games on Pocket7Games from the comfort of your home or anywhere else if you have a viable internet connection and an iOS device.

Simple online Bingo games for beginners

Log into your Apple store and you’ll find a plethora of iOS games to choose from. One I recently tried was Bingo Clash by Pocket7Games and it’s the perfect online game for anyone, but especially for beginners. Pocket7Games online Bingo Clash is simple with graphics and audio that holds your attention. Calming music plays in the background and one thing I really like is the speed as the numbers are called out for the beginners — slow enough to give you a chance to scan your card without feeling rushed. Also, an image of the number of balls remains for a few seconds at the top before dropping off as more numbers are called.

Calling Bingo for online games

Another thing I really like about Pocket7Games Bingo is the simplicity of the Bingo button and that the game continues in a “fill the card” kind of way, at least until the game timer runs out. So, it’s possible you can call multiple Bingos on the same board. Each one gains you more points and more potential to win, but that’s not all. You can also win real cash with Pocket7Games, too.

Win real cash for online Bingo games

Pocket7Games offers a combination of free games with small cash prizes as well as pay to play premium games with larger cash pool potentials. Win enough Tickets and you can redeem them in for cash prizes ranging from $0.10 to $50.

Remember how I said Pocket7Games offers premium pay to play games? The best cash prize pools for Bingo Clash comes in the form of tournaments. These are a series of five Bingo games and once you begin, you need to follow through and finish the game in one sitting.

In other words, don’t pause it and don’t come back to it later or you may forfeit the game and possibly the tournament. But it’s only five Bingo games, and each takes a few. short minutes to complete. So, it’s not a huge amount of time to dedicate to a tournament. I’ve played other types of games where tournaments might last hours or even days, but not with Bingo Clash.

Cash prize pools range from a $1 prize (with a $0.60 entry fee) up to a whopping $2,000 prize (with a $60 entry fee). You’ll need to make a deposit for the required entry fees. So, have a credit or debit card handy.

Can anyone play Bingo Clash?

I’d love to say, “Yes,” but the reality is that this depends on the laws that govern your state or location. It’s different for each state. Some states allow playing for real cash prizes with online games and other states and locations have more restrictions. However, you’ll need to be at least 18 if your state does allow you to play for real cash.

The final word

The more you play, the more skill you gain and the more you advance through the different levels as well as on the leaderboard.

This, of course, also means higher stakes games with greater prize potential. If you’re ready to give online Bingo games a chance, then you might consider Pocket7Games Bingo Clash for iOS.

Beth Casey is a freelance writer in Maine. She writes about gaming, personal finance, health, and digital marketing.